Creation vs. Evolution

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Begins Friday, February 9, 2018

Culture and Science seem to suggest that Creation is merely an antiquated religious belief that has no basis in reality. Are science and reason really opposed to a belief in Creation? Does Creation stand a chance in light of today’s understanding? How much do we really know about our origins? This seminar is designed for open-minded people who want researched answers to tough questions.

Key Benefits:

  • Explore biases from both sides of the debate
  • Find scientific evidence for some of earth’s greatest mysteries
  • Gain the confidence and tools you need to respectfully discuss this topic
  • Find reasons why Creation makes sense scientifically

About the Speaker

Creation Scientist Stan Beasley didn’t always believe in God. Stan grew up an atheist. His greatest desire was to be a man of science. Stan received his education in science from the University of Montevallo and the University of South Alabama. As a biologist, Stan worked with the Smithsonian Institute as a visiting scientist and is credited with the discovery of a new species of deep sea amphipod. But the more Stan learned about science, the more science pointed him to the Creator God of the Bible. Come hear his story to find out why!

Every tongue, tribe and nation…

We all came from one couple. Or did we? This question is at the forefront of religious debates today. Our aim is to give you the facts and let you decide on what to believe. People coming out of this seminar have come to a solid understanding on the history of mankind and also a new look on the value of life.

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